More customization with TEXT/MOTION OR TEXT/STATIC

I am new to we video. I want to add some text that has some of the capabilities of the motion pages. I would assume it would be under TEXT->motion or TEXT -->static.

See second 17 and 31 where I have text. I had to import so I could gain control. Is there any way to do this with Wevideo?

Is there a training video that gets to this type of information?
thank you!

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Hi @jeanne.tiscareno, Thanks for joining us. Here’s some more information on motion titles form our support center.

Our academy is a great place to get started with training.

Here to help!

I spent the last hour trying to figure out how to follow the directions in the video. See video. (401) WeVideo Tips and Tricks LIVE: Motion titles magic and the typewriter effect - YouTube

I could not follow this effectively and apply to my project (frustrating!). Do you have more prescriptive training on this or a consultant I can work with on my projects?
My email is Can you email me?

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Thanks @jeanne.tiscareno I’ll share this with the team and make sure to circle back.

While we’re waiting @jeanne.tiscareno I wanted to invite you to the WeVideo Business Community on Facebook. There are a bunch of other realtors there that might be able to bounce ideas and help you achieve the desired effect.